Crane boom expansion

This operation took place at Santa Casa de Misericórdia, at Nora Teixeira hospital, which will be the new SUS emergency. It occurred due to the need to change the length of the boom from 35m to 50m.
The activity started on Thursday 11/03 and ended on 15/03, with the crane load test. It was necessary to use a crane to change the boom (LTM1220), as well as to remove the counterweights and anchor frame that fixes the crane to the building. The crane reached an approximate height of 80 meters to the top, with a 50-meter radius, carrying out the loading of various materials for the hospital construction that is scheduled for delivery in 2022.
Therefore, it was necessary to isolate Praça Argentina on Av. Osvaldo Aranha, in addition to the street itself during the operation due to the complexity of the operation. A specialized team assembled and disassembled the parts while the crane suspended them. The engineering team studied several ways to find the best cargo handling solution, and at the end of the period, the operation was successfully completed.