Automotive Cranes

30t : PK 100 com Fly Jib

The Fly Jib PK 100 AUTOMOTIVE CRANE with capacity up to 30 tons has set a new standard in its class, impressing by its strength, reach, lift capacity and technical gains. Equipped as standard with the highest safety, monitoring and efficiency technology a Palfinger crane can have, it has become the model of choice for handling heavy loads. With its numerous features it easily performs tasks previously performed only by telescopic type cranes.

23t: LUNA 47

The LUNA 47 AUTOMOTIVE CRANE with a capacity of up to 23 tons has a robust construction combined with material with a high yield limit, which ensures high performance and safety and ease of cargo handling.

22t: HYVA HC 801

The HYVA HC 801 AUTOMOTIVE CRANE with a capacity of up to 22 tons is articulated, has a dual link arm system and is perfect for heavy duty applications requiring high lifting capacity and precision.

13t: PK42, PK38

The PK42 AUTOMOTIVE CRANE with a capacity of up to 13 tons brings together high-tech, cost-effective equipment, with a number of standard features such as overload protection, 10% increase in lifting capacity when required, monitoring of key functions, Remote control and power link system. The equipment stands out for its innovation in its category.

The PK38 AUTOMOTIVE CRANE with a capacity of up to 13 tons has a great weight-to-power ratio and its innovative power link system, the PK 38502 has enormous applicability. Used from construction sites to container handling, the equipment has a high performance and great value for money.